Fall Family Adventure 2020

Details & Pricing

FALL Family Adventure booking is OPEN for Fall 2020!

Since our Summer 2020 Family Adventure was so successful, we have decided to bring a Fall version to Asbury Hills! All pricing is the same (below) and the booking process is still the same, too. We will be adding a few special things to make Fall Family Adventures unique. Our available weekends are listed below!

  • $300 per night with a 2 night minimum
  • Includes 3 complementary meals per night for 4 family members
  • Just $65 per each additional family member over 5 per night
  • Each additional family member under 5 is FREE

Available Dates

Mid-September thru Early November

Call for details on availability.

  • Check-In to your family’s cabin between 1pm and 4pm
  • Check-Out by 11am on your last day
  • 8 person maximum per cabin
  • Activities offered throughout the day

Quick Questions & Answers

What is new to Fall Family Adventures?

Just like our Summer 2020 Family Adventures, we will have our classic Asbury Hills Activities open for families.

In addition to those activities, Fall Family Adventure guests will also have to option to use our slack lines, go bouldering on site, use our ice cream churns, a special fall craft, and our Tree Houses will be open to those who wish to camp out.

Fall Family Adventures will also be able to have a ‘Home-in-the-Woods’ evening dinner experience. This will include building a fire and cooking your dinner over that fire. This dinner would be either a classic Hobo meal or hotdogs. This is included in pricing.

Is there an age limit of family members who can or cannot attend?

We believe that you are never too old or too young for camp! Feel free to bring along all of your family members no matter their age. Just keep in mind that some of our trails and walking paths may be hard for little legs. Be sure to pack any extra supplies you may need for smaller children, too.

How do I register my family for a Family Adventure?

To book your Family Adventure, just call our office! Our Reservations Specialist will be able to get you booked after asking a few quick questions. Our office number is 864.836.3711.

Is there a minimum of nights that must be purchased?

Yes. Please be sure to book AT LEAST two nights for your Family Adventure. This ensures you are able to truly enjoy yourselves at Asbury Hills without being rushed to check-in then check right back out. We hope this time is a time to set your family apart from the busy world and truly reset!

What is the cost per night?

Each night is $300 per 4 person family. This includes 3 complementary meals and your own cabin just for you and your family.

Is there a discount if we book extra nights?

Yes! Each night is $300 per night for a 4 member family but if you book 4 nights, the cost will be $1000 total.

Can a Fall Family Adventured be booked during the week days or just the weekends available?

We would love to have you during the week! You are welcome to call our office and see if the weekdays you prefer are available.

What if I have more than 4 people in my family?

No problem! Each additional family member is $65. Any additional family members under 5 are FREE!

What time do we check-in? What time do we check-out?

Check-In for Family Adventure is between 1pm and 4pm on your arrival day. We ask that you check-out of your cabin by 11am on your last day before heading to lunch.

Is there a maximum for family members per cabin?

Yes. We are asking that you bring no more than 8 family members per cabin.

What activities can we do?

We will have as many activities running as possible without putting the safety and health of our guests and staff at risk. The following activities will be open when weather and cleanliness permits:

  • Alpine Tower*
  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Creek Hiking and Exploring**
  • GaGa Ball, 9-Square, and Human Foosball
  • Leap of Faith*
  • Rock Wall
  • Swimming Pool**
  • Trail Hiking
  • Wet Willie Water Slide**

*These activities are for guests of age 11 and over.

**Water activities may be limited due to weather and temperatures.

What meals are included?

Each night you purchase comes with 3 complementary meals: dinner after you check in, breakfast the next morning and lunch.

New for Fall Family Adventures: Families will have the option to experience our ‘Home-in-the-Woods’ dinner experience. This includes building a fire and preparing your meal over the fire. There will he hosts available to assist and ensure you are able to get a fire going and a meal prepared. Meal options include our classic Hobo dinner or a hotdog dinner. Hobos include hamburger meat, corn, carrots, potatoes, onions, and seasoning.

What are some examples of Family Adventure meals?

Our Food Services team works hard to prepare delicious, wholesome meals. Here are a few examples of camp meals all of our guests have enjoyed:

  • Breakfast:  sausage, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit
  • Lunch:  chicken tenders and waffle fries, fresh fruit, side salad, and a roll
  • Dinner:  meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans, a side salad, roll or cornbread and chocolate cake

If any of your family members have special dietary needs, please be sure to let our Reservations Specialist know when you book your Family Adventure.

How will Family Adventures operate in regards to COVID-19 regulations and guidelines?

We ask that all family member are sure to monitor their symptoms in the weeks and days leading up to arriving at Asbury Hills. If you are showing symptoms as stated by the CDC, please stay home. We are asking all guests to practice the three Ws:
  • WEAR: Wear a mask when social distancing isn’t possible
  • WAIT: Wait to allow 6 feet between your family and other families and staff
  • WASH: Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizer

Some things will be different but we will do our best to keep it fun and safe!

What do I need to pack?

Take a look at our packing list! You can find it linked there or on the right side of this webpage. Keep in mind that this packing list is just our recommendation.

What if one of my family members takes medications, has allergies, or special dietary needs?

Be sure to pack any and all medications you may need for your Family Adventure!

Be sure to note any allergies or special dietary needs when you are booking your Family Adventure. Our Food Service Staff have special meals or substitute foods for guests with allergies or dietary needs at each meal. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us at 864.836.3711.

Forms & Other Details

Click title to download

Family Adventure Waiver (for all family members)

You’ll receive this waiver once you call and book your Family Adventure. Be sure to print and fill out this out prior to arriving to Asbury Hills. Every family member must fill out this waiver prior to Check-In.

COVID-19 Waiver (for all family members)

You probably received this waiver after booking with our Reservations Specialist. Be sure to print this and fill it out prior to arriving to camp for every member of your family.

Packing List

Here is a guide to what we recommend packing and leaving at home. This list is our recommended list per family member so be sure to pack additional items for each family member.