Please Note: We update thisĀ information regularly, but sometimes a camp fills before we have the opportunity to update. The most up-to-date availability can be found in the registration portal.

Waiting Lists

The following camps are currently full and have wait lists. Campers sometimes need to cancel or switch weeks, so we call wait listed campers as space opens up in their desired camp. To add your camper to a wait list, please call Trevor at 864.836.3711 or email her at [email protected].

  • June 6-11 Elementary Core (Girls)
  • June 6-11 Junior High Core
  • June 6-11 Senior High Core (Girls)
  • June 13-18 Elementary Drenched (Girls)
  • June 13-18 Junior High Core
  • June 13-18 Junior High Expedition
  • June 13-18 Senior High Core (Girls)
  • June 20-25 Elementary Core
  • June 20-25 Junior High Drenched
  • June 20-25 Senior High Core (Girls)
  • July 11-16 Elementary Drenched
  • July 11-13 Elementary Express
  • July 14-16 Elementary Express
  • July 11-16 Junior High Core
  • July 11-16 Senior High Altitude (Girls)
  • July 11-23 Senior High Expedition
  • July 18-23 Elementary Core
  • July 18-23 Junior High Drenched
  • July 25-30 Elementary Core
  • July 25-30 Junior High Altitude
  • July 25-30 Senior High Drenched
  • August 1-6 Junior High Endeavor
  • August 1-6 Senior High Endeavor

Spaces Available

The following campsĀ still have space available.

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**All sessions closed for Summer 2021. Please call our office with any questions.