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asbury_welcome_signProvide Experiences, Provide Life

South Carolina Camps and Retreats is utterly privileged to pass on the gift of Christian birth, growth and renewal in an enriching outdoor setting. Each unique story of personal transformation has been made possible through the gracious gifts of friends and the helping hands of churches and organizations. We are intentional and responsible with your gifts of time and money, understanding that each donor is seeking to steward his or her gifts and provide for a neighbor in need.

Ways to Give

You can pass along your gifts to the next generation. Here are ways our partners provide unforgettable experiences for our campers:

  • Planned Giving – Provide a regular monthly contribution that adds immense value by being a reliable factor in our budget, planning, and vision casting.
  • Scholarships – Respond to families’ needs for Asbury Hills camp scholarships and allow an opportunity that would otherwise be out of reach.
  • Special Projects – Partner with Asbury Hills to expand the worship, gathering, meeting, housing and recreation spaces that will enhance the physical and spiritual experience of all who visit.
  • Wills* – Include Camps and Retreats in your will. Fixed amounts, specific assets, or percentages of the estate may be specified.
  • One-time Undesignated Gifts – Contribute to the current, impending, or unexpected needs of the camp and retreat center with an undesignated gift.

All gifts are tax deductible! Ready to pass on the gift?

Make an Online Gift

* This information is general in nature. Before making a major financial decision, please consult with an attorney and/or financial advisor.


Asbury Hills is constantly working on our facilities to keep them looking and functioning as well as they can. We would love to have you/ your group join us for a service day! Find out more here.


Support the Summer Staff

We have a special program in place through which you can show your love and support for our amazing summer staff. Learn how you can encourage them here.