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Ready for a Summer that Will
Change Your Life?

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For many, working at Asbury Hills is the best summer experience one can have.

There are numerous positions on summer staff, all of which have their own advantages and challenges. But one thing is for certain: none of the jobs are easy. Summer staff routinely find themselves under some amount of stress—but out of this stress, there is real reward

If you think Asbury Hills may be the place for you, try these questions on for size:

  • Is serving Christ an important part of your life?
  • Do you seek to live in and contribute to a Christian community?
  • Would you enjoy sharing your love of Jesus with both campers and other staff?
  • Can you put others before yourself?
  • Can you be responsible for the lives of young people?
  • Are you a good role model?
  • Are you open to trying new things?
  • Can you handle potentially being on the go all the time?
  • Would a parent trust you with their child?

If you answered yes to these questions and want to be a part of a Christian community that is all about impacting the lives of campers, check out the positions below we are in need of and apply today!

Are you torn between picking a ‘real job’ or a ‘camp job’? We get it! We also know that working for a summer camp gives you the experience you need to take on the real world. Don’t just take our word for it, see what the American Camp Association has to say about camp jobs here: Skills Cultivated by Camp Employment


Counseling staff at Asbury Hills are crucial to our mission. We use a small-group camping model which means that counselors are paired each week and assigned a group of campers that becomes equivalent to a family. Counseling staff must be confident individuals who are secure in their faith and ready to lead small groups of campers.

Rec Staff

Rec Staff serve as both lifeguards and high ropes facilitators. These staff are not tied to a specific small group, but instead work off a schedule set by the Recreation Coordinator. This group of staff works together to ensure that all activities are safe and fun. They also serve in other capacities around camp such as leading energizers, all camp games, or playing characters in a skit. Rec Staff must have a good work ethic, good physical ability, and be able to command attention to keep activities safe.

Worship Team/ Band Members

Worship at Asbury Hills is a big part of the summer experience. A typical band at Asbury Hills has vocals, guitar, drums, bass, and keys. More than just leading campers in worship through music, band members also aid in setting up the space for worship, facilitating high ropes activities, and working the camp store. Band members must be musically proficient, spiritually sound, and willing to aid in many aspects of camp.

Food Service Team/ Food Service Shift Leader

The Food Service Team at Asbury Hills work hard to keep us all fed. Food Service usually work two meals per day, and responsibilities include meal prep, dish washing, and dining hall prep. These staff members must have a good work ethic, be able to process information quickly, and work well in occasionally hectic situations.

Photo/Video Staff

These camp photographers/ videographers are integral in shaping the image of camp. They work each week to capture photos and videos. Photos are uploaded daily for parents to view, and a video is created each week for campers to take home. In addition, these photos and videos become most of our promotional material for the next year. Photo/Video staff must be easy to work with, organized, committed to quality, and willing to work long hours occasionally.

Camp Store Manager

This should be a detail oriented staff member who will track merchandise and spending accounts in the camp store.


Registered nurses who can work for one week, multiple weeks, or the entire summer. Nurses live on-site during the week, are responsible for administering medications, and treating camper illnesses and injuries. These staff members should be organized, patient, and have experience with children.

Health Care Coordinator

The Health Care Coordinator is someone who can work the whole summer.  They will live on-site during the week and be the liaison between the nurse and summer staff.  They will also aide in administering medications and treating camper illnesses and injuries.  This staff members should be organized, patient and have experience with children.  The ideal candidate would be someone pursuing a career in the medical field.

Leadership Positions

The summer programs at Asbury Hills need leaders. These positions range from Recreation Supervisors to Program Coordinators and serve primarily as planners and problem-solvers. Each position is different, but all leadership staff must have previous camping experience, be organized, work well with others, an ability to supervise peers, a devotion to the Christian faith, and the ability to problem solve on the go.

Facilities Assistant

Things sometimes break at camp, and we need people to fix them.  We also have 2000 acres of grounds that need to be maintained.  This applicant should be comfortable in lawn maintenance and some skilled labor.


We are open to assisting with internship requirements for several college majors, including: Outdoor Education, Outdoor Leadership, Communications, Marketing, Youth Development, and more (depending on staff availability and openings).

Training dates start as early as May 11th (or May 19th depending on the position) and go until Summer Camp starts on June 2nd running until August 2nd.  Staff members must be 17 or older. Housing and meals (during work hours) are included. Pay starts at $320 per week depending on position and experience.
For more information, call us at 864.836.3711 or email Ann Marie at