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Summer Camp Procedures

In these general procedures, you’ll find more about our Bunk-mate and Cancellation procedures as well as information regarding the Camp Store.


Our communication procedures include details on the Asbury Hills app, mailing or sending your camper Bunk Notes, viewing photos, phone calls and visitation.

Health & Safety

Our general procedures include the details for medication, allergies & dietary restrictions, and staff certifications.

Arrival & Departure

The details for our arrival and departure process includes drop off times for your camper’s arrival to camp and what to expect during pick up.

Summer Camp Pricing

View our pricing for each summer camp program we offer by grade level.

Camper Scholarships

We truly see the value in the summer camp experience and encourage you to fill out our Camper Scholarship Application should you need financial assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asbury Hills accredited by any national organizations?

Yes! Asbury Hills is accredited by the American Camp Association, more commonly known as ACA. To learn more about what this means, please visit their website.

I see Asbury Hills is a Methodist camp. What if my family isn't Methodist?

Not a problem at all. We certainly are a faith-based camp, but our Christian summer curriculum is open and welcoming to all. Our summer camp is also so much fun that even if your child has yet to come to faith, they will have a blast. We believe the personal exploration of faith is a vital part of our mission and in this area, you and your child can expect each session to have: energizing worship, daily themes that integrate into the day’s activities and messages, small group discussions, and evening vespers/devotions. The rest of the week is filled with incredible camp activities and time to share fun times with friends.

How do I register for camp?

There are two ways you can register your camper for their session. you can register online or download the Camp Registration Form to mail in. We suggest registering your camper online as it allows you to register in ‘real time’. This means as soon as your registration is complete and submitted, your camper is guaranteed that spot. Paper registrations are processed as soon as they are received, but sometimes camps fill before the paper registration form is received.

Does everyone do every activity?

We hope every camper has the best week of their summer; our goal is for each camper to have a transformational
experience of a Christian community. Activities that are safe, age-appropriate, and fun are a huge part of that. Even more important than activities, though, are the relationships formed in small groups during and after those activities (as well as at meals and worship services). Because our focus is on forming faith and friendships, no two weeks of Asbury Hills are exactly alike; each small group has its own schedule. And because we have more activities than we have activity blocks in that schedule, small groups cannot possibly do every activity in a single week. Our staff are trained to craft each group’s schedule with traditionally popular activities in mind (e.g. creek hike) and also with a goal of getting campers in-the-air (e.g. Rockwall) and wet (e.g. pool) each day (weather-permitting). There are certain activities that are age-dependent and/or program-dependent. If you or your camper have any questions about our program activities please feel free to contact us at or 864.836.3711.

Can my camper bring a friend?

Part of coming to camp is making new friends. At the same time, if your child wants to bring a friend with them to camp, or if they would like to be re-united in a cabin with a friend from a previous year, we will do our very best to honor one cabin mate request. See our Cabin Mate Procedure for more information. If you would like your child to be separate from another camper, these requests must be made in writing and sent two weeks prior.

What is your cabin mate procedure?

Campers grow most in self-sufficiency and self-esteem by attending camp alone, but we recognize the benefit of allowing a camper to request one cabin mate.

A camper may submit only one cabin mate request, and each request must be mutual. Even if several friends are attending the same session, we will honor only one cabin mate request per camper. The following conditions must be met for any cabin mate request to be honored:

  • Both campers must be registered for the same camp program and age group during the same week.
  • Both campers must request each other (groups of three or more cannot request each other). If a “triangle” or “spider web” is requested, non of the campers’ requests can be guaranteed.
  • There will be no changes to cabin mate assignments at the time of Check-In.

Confusion and disappointment at Check-In can be avoided if parents help choose their child’s one cabin mate and make sure it is mutual. Please call if you do not clearly understand this procedure.

What should my camper pack?

Our suggested packing lists can be found just above this FAQ section.

When is full payment due for summer camp?

Full payment is due for each camp session two full weeks before the session begins. If your camper has a remaining balance upon their arrival to camp, they will not be allowed to go to their cabin until the balance is paid.

What is the summer camp cancellation procedure?

To cancel a registration, call our Reservation Specialist at 864.836.3711. The following guidelines apply to refunds:

  • In all cases, an attempt is made to reschedule the camper into another event.
  • For cancellations up to 30 days before camp, the refund will be the amount paid less $50.
  • There will be no refunds for cancellations within 30 days of the camp event, but funds will go towards camper scholarships.

What if my camper misses home?

It is natural for most campers to experience a degree of homesickness, mainly if it is their first time away from home. It is not uncommon for parents to receive a homesick letter, only to call camp and learn that the homesick feelings have passed and the camper is now having fun.

Asbury Hills’ staff plan the first few hours in great detail to help campers feel more comfortable at camp. Campers arriving at camp will quickly engage in games and ice breakers to help them meet new friends and feel more connected with their cabin mates.

Can my child and I visit camp prior to the summer?

Absolutely! If this will be your child’s first time at camp, please feel free to give us a call at 864.836.3711 to set up a tour. Let your child see the camp, explore the cabins they might stay in, visit the dining hall, see some activities they will be able to participate in during the summer, and get excited about the experience.

Can I visit my camper during camp?

Each session’s schedule is packed full of activities, and we’ve found that mid-session camp visits disrupt the flow of camp and each camper’s experience. You are welcome to call in at any time to check on your camper, but please do not show up unannounced.

Can my camper arrive late or leave early?

Removing a camper from their small group early or adding a camper after the week has begun are highly disruptive to the group process and to the other campers in the group. However, we understand sometimes things happen and campers need to arrive a little late on the Sunday of their session or leave Thursday evening or early Friday morning of their session.

If you know in advance that your camper will be arriving later than the normal check-in time, please contact our office via phone or email and let us know the camper’s name and planned time of arrival. If you are stuck in traffic please call 864.836.3711. Even if we are unable to answer your call please leave a message with your camper’s name and estimated time of arrival.

If your camper needs to leave camp early during their session, please contact our Summer Camp Director at or 864.836.3711. Our Summer Camp Director will work with you to organize an time to pick your camper up.

We do not recommend late arrival past Sunday evening or an early pick-up before Thursday evening. These kinds of mid-week disruption not only take away from your camper’s experience but other campers in the group as well. If you know that your camper cannot attend the entire week, we would suggest selecting a different camp week.

I left something behind. Do you have it?

Due to limited space and the amount of time involved in handling hundreds of lost and found items:

  • Asbury Hills is not responsible for items left behind, lost or stolen.
  • Parents are urged to label all clothing and personal items with permanent marker with the camper’s fully name (first and last), not just initials.
  • Items found during each session of camp are displayed at closing ceremonies.
  • Items with First and Last names will be held for 14 days. Any items not claimed after 14 days will be given to a charitable organization. Parents will be responsible for the cost (shipping and handling) of mailing any items.
  • Please call our office as soon as you realize your camper is missing and item. 864.836.3711 or email office@

Items without names will be donated to a charitable organization at the end of each session

Are scholarships available?

It is our desire that no child be prevented from attending camp because of finances. Donations are received to fund many camp scholarships. The number available is limited, and awards will be based on need and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please complete the camp scholarship application form here to get started.

What if my camper takes medications, has allergies, or special dietary needs?

All medications are collected by a member of our healthcare team during check-in inside its original container. During the week, our staff ensure that campers receive their medications at the correct time. As needed medications, such as epi-pens or rescue inhalers, are also checked with our healthcare staff at check-in and then given to the counselors to keep in their med-packs throughout the week.

Any allergies or special dietary needs should be noted on the medical forms filled out during registration. Our Food Service Staff have special meals or substitute foods for campers with allergies or dietary needs at each meal. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us at 864.836.3711.

Do you have questions about camp at Asbury Hills?

Feel free to contact our office by emailing or call 864.836.3711.

Calling all alumni!

If you’re a former camper or staffer, please stay in touch. Just fill out our contact form.