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Sample Schedules

Need a kick start to help plan your group’s next retreat?  Click the sample schedules below to get started.

Programmed Schedule

Self Programmed Schedule

Do you have a vision for what you would like your group’s retreat to look like? We would love to hear it!

Asbury Hills specializes in collaborating with group leaders to develop a goal and vision for your retreat, and then following up with an abundance of resources to make it happen. Are you a corporate group looking for teambuilding activities? We can cater for you too! Our staff are also always available to serve and support you during your stay. Group Retreats at Asbury Hills also come complete with meal service prepared and served in our Dining Hall.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation, ask a question, or share your vision for your group’s retreat, please contact us at 864.836.3711 or by email at

Asbury Hills is perfect for:

  • Corporate retreats
  • Corporate team-building
  • Youth retreats
  • Adult retreats
  • Family retreats
  • Day retreats
  • Overnight camping

Retreat Pricing

Our retreat pricing is in per person packages; it includes help with planning prior to your retreat, the number of meals and nights lodging listed, a host to serve your group during your stay, a meeting space (including set up to your group’s specifications), and access to our 2000+ acres. Prices listed are standard packages that many of our groups request, but we are happy to customize to fit your group’s individual needs.

* Asbury Hills is greatly appreciative of the support we receive in apportionments from South Carolina Conference United Methodist Churches. Because of this, we do offer a discount to groups coming from these churches. Please contact us for these prices.

Asbury Hills staff can lead your group in team building and adventure activities, including the following:

Introduction Games:

  • High energy activities designed to bring a group together and acclimatize to their new setting.
  • Any size group
  • 15 minutes to 1 hour


  • Challenges requiring the whole group to work together
  • Group sizes: 8-14
  • 1-2 hours

Team building course:

  • Physical elements requiring groups to work together
  • Group size: 8-14
  • 1.5-2 hours

Giant Swing:

  • 42 foot tall giant swing
  • Group size: 8-15
  • 1.5-2 hours

Wet Willie Water Slide:

  • 2 water slides situated on the lake at Asbury Hills; PFDs required
  • Group size: up to 25
  • 1 hour

Leap of Faith:

  • Climb atop a 20 foot tall telephone pole and leap for a bell
  • Group size: 8-15
  • 1.25-1.5 hours

Alpine Tower:

  • 50 foot climbing apparatus with 27 different routes
  • Group sizes: 8-14, multiple groups possible
  • Junior high and older
  • 2.75 hours +

Rock Wall:

  • 32 foot climbing tower with 6 different climbs
  • Group size: 8-14, multiple groups possible
  • 1.5-2 hours

Water Zip Line:

  • 2 zip lines across the lake; PFDs required
  • Group size: up to 20
  • 1 hour

The Summit:

  • 5 different obstacles; harnesses and helmets required
  • Group size: 8 to 14
  • 2-3 hours


  • Learn safety and the skill of archery
  • Group size: 8 to 14
  • 1-1.5 hours

Archery Tag:

  • Archery mixed with tag; safety equipment required
  • Group size: up to 25
  • 1 hour

Canoeing / Kayaking:

  • Basic canoe instruction and safety; camp supplies lifeguard
  • Group size: 8 to 25
  • 1-1.5 hours


  • swim test required to use the deep end and the AquaClimb
  • Group size: up to 150
  • 1 hour