We have Waldo!

We are thrilled to bring you a new photo sharing and delivery service with Waldo Photos. Waldo offers an optional facial recognition service to find the photos of your camper and then sends them to your phone via the Waldo app with notifications when new photos are found. Waldo also offers free galleries for you to scroll through, as well.

View Photos

You will need the Asbury Hills join code to get access to our free galleries. This was given to whoever checked your camper in. It is also in the email we sent out prior to your arrival. Our photographer uploads photos every evening. Your camper had a fun filled day! Enjoy!

Send an Email

Feel free to send your camper an email while they are at camp! Emails are checked and delivered one time per day. Your campers won’t be able to respond to your email but your email will be delivered to their cabin!